Thursday, March 6, 2008


People keep asking me why the recent elections in Pakistan was such a success inspite of the meddling by the United States.

I was glad that I was asked this question because the answer is very simple: They basically are Hindus who have converted to Islam for two reasons. The fear of the sword and social exclusion practiced by the upper caste Hindus from time immemorial.

Hindus are very eclectic when it comes to a belief in a Higher Power. At the same time they are the worst pepetrators of social discrimination fueled by Brahminism.

This Brahminism still exists in Pakistan in the garb of sufiism coupled with where generally the people think not in terms of the upliftment of the poor but in terms of the well being of the upper classes.

The upper classes/castes in Pakistan want to join the economically upwardly mobile sections of the Indian sub-continent (through Bollyhood and Lovyhood?) and their bet today is that this can be achieved thru so called democracy.

Pakistanis could do worse than to view Talibanism as the offshoot of the Naxalite and Maoist movements that are currently prevalent in parts of big sister India.

Optomistic, nay even proud, statistics of per capita distribution of Gross National Product(GNP and Gross Domestic Product(GDP)) in a so called globialised era will not erase the fact that millions of children wake up on the edge of starvation deaths even in India and (Pakistan?)

Pakistanis should remember that the United States has become a power to reckon with within its borders because a few upper class/caste so called Muslims sitting in their drawing rooms in what is now Uttar Pradesh decided to create a separate state for Muslims.